The Association

The association World Doctors was founded in 2001 by Toni Pizzecco, Tanja Nienstedt, Franco De Giorgi, Erich Näckler and Gabriele Janssen. The original goal was to build an organization consisting of doctors, nurses and volunteers in order to provide primarily medical assistance to people in areas of need and poverty around the world. At a later stage, educational projects, the construction of schools and drinking water projects were added to the construction of health stations and hospitals.


The association World Doctors is a voluntary non-profit organization (NGO). The members, doctors and other volunteers work during their vacation or retirement and renounce any remuneration. Their commitment is exclusively out of solidarity and social awareness. Projects are implemented upon request and in collaboration with local partner organizations, with the help of professionals and the local population.

Main activities

• Construction/extencion of hospitals, clinics, maternity wards and laboratories
• Financing of medical equipment, instruments and medicines
• Financing of training programs for medical personnel
• Holding of medical camps
• Construction/renovation of schools and vocational schools, kindergartens and orphanages
• Financing of water projects

Satzungen des Vereins

Flyer 2023 deutsch italienisch

Flyer 2017 english


The projects of World Doctors are financed by private donations, by proceeds from events and campaigns, and by contributions from the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Region of Trentino Alto Adige, the Municipality of Bolzano, the Italian Bishops' Conference, and the proceeds from the 5 per mille fund.


Dr. Toni Pizzecco (President)
Dr. Tanja Nienstedt (Vice President)
Dr. Manfred Brandstätter (Board of Directors)
Dr. Meinhard Kritzinger (Board of Directors)
Dr. Günther Ziernhöld (Board of Directors)
Dr. Gabriele Janssen (Managing Director)
Monika Gross (Project Management)
Marion Winkler (Administration)


Dr. Michael Atzwanger
Dr. Lodovico Comploj

Arbitration panel

  • Dr. Wolfgang Wielander
  • Dr. Doris Gluderer
  • Karl Telser

Dr. Wolfgang Wielander
Dr. Doris Gluderer
Karl Telser


5 per mille for the association

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